Wooden: Having working experience, each life and community govt encounter, is a very good thing for an alder! Expertise will not signify time-serving, it usually means getting tips and understanding how to turn them into actuality. I have productively championed sustained commitments this kind of as park improvements, greater library funding and Monona Travel reconstruction, right by way of to now, functioning to make Monona additional walkable and preserving San Damiano. 

What is the most significant situation in this election and how would you handle it?

DePula: Our leaders have tested time and once more that they listen to a decide on few, and that’s a little something that need to alter. As a result, the transparency of meetings and the ethics of choices have risen to the top of voters’ mandates in Monona, and we need to reengineer our processes to give everybody a voice at each stage. I commit to that.

Domínguez: The crucial challenge is fairness. Our community is heading via expanding pains where various groups of people are contacting for a seat at the table to assure their views are thought of and the regulations, ordinances, taxation and solutions are used equitably. Whilst there is a great deal resistance to this, it is an critical element of powerful, clear and ethical governance.

Moore: We really do not have the luxury of concentrating on one particular difficulty. I gravitate toward bigger opportunities — items that require eyesight, strategic and tactical thinking — going toward 100{540ccc4681f92a8237c705b0cdebbb9da373ec200da159e6cc1fd9f393be00be} thoroughly clean electrical power, very affordable housing, San Damiano, financial development — all whilst operating inside of our usually means. Most importantly, I’ve been pushing for a permanent and varied fee on range, equity and inclusion to tackle this issue systemically.