May 19, 2024


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Common Mistakes You Must Avoid As a Hosting Reseller

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With the growth in the number of websites being hosted on the Internet, it is natural for the web hosting industry to boom. Along with the web hosting industry as a primary field, reseller hosting has found its way into our business plans. Reseller web hosting is a lucrative business model that allows organisations to purchase server resources from parent hosting providers and then sell them again to their clients.

If we look at reseller web hosting as a business plan, it is a very simplified form of structure. Moreover,  it is an extremely profitable business structure and showcases immense growth in the market. However, there are a few common mistakes that are being observed when it comes to your reseller hosting account

Let us talk about these common mistakes and how to avoid them.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a practice where individuals or organisations purchase various web hosting packages from original web hosting providers and resell them to new clients. As a reseller, you have complete control over the structure of these packages and the nature of your business. It is still a web hosting service provisioning business but in a different getup!

Common Mistakes To Avoid As A Hosting Reseller

  • Not Gaining Expertise About Web Hosting

One of the most common mistakes made by hosting resellers is that they take this business for granted. Reseller hosting in India is considered an easy way to earn money. But that is not the case. If you want to succeed in your reseller hosting business, you should plan, strategise, and operate your business with complete dedication. This will require you to gain expertise in the field of web hosting.

  • Not Marketing And Branding Your Company

Creating a space for yourself in the market of web hosting requires you to advertise and market your brand properly. Hence, making a strategy for the same is inevitable. The best reseller hosting accounts market their company really well!

  • Not Creating Good And Attractive Packages

Many hosting resellers make the mistake of not making attractive packages for their clients. In web hosting, each client has different requirements because each website is a unique case. This is why creating good, attractive, and yet competitive packages is non-negotiable!

  • Not Paying Heed To Customer Reviews

Paying attention to your customer’s concerns and worries is paramount. Your customers are the base of your business, and their reviews and feedback matter. As a reseller, you must always encourage your clients to share their reviews and pay keen attention to the problems they face. You can urge them to upload their good reviews on social media and Google, and that will help you create a good reputation, too.


Invest some time researching and improving your service provision and you can avoid all of the mentioned mistakes in your reseller hosting business. It is easy to provide web hosting services, but it is a difficult task to provide good and effective web hosting services, especially when they are provided by reseller hosting.

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