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Every technology has a special lifestyle gig



  • The center lessons lost confidence in the pretty education that experienced got them the positions they held in business and civil solutions and despatched their small children to universities overseas occasionally with catastrophic social penalties.
  • On their return, the sons and daughters of the freshly prosperous ate the cake of daily life with the ‘big spoon’ and are now possibly useless or combating for the prosperity of their now useless mom and dad.

“I have discovered a trend wherever numerous young personnel in Nairobi prioritise leisure time over snooze even immediately after long work times even even though they are informed this is risky. What may be driving these types of reckless conduct?”


It is not very clear from your problem where you stand in asking this concern. Are you for case in point, an employer, parent or a colleague? Is this some thing that you have seen as a adjust in behaviour or have they been that way for a long period of time of time. Are these youthful people interns or have they come for lengthy expression employment. When you say youthful, do you suggest individuals in their 20s, 30s or 40s?

In some means you seem like an old gentleman who is mourning the reality that ‘Children of these times are so distinctive from us’. That reported, we can now deal with the subject of whether or not there are any dissimilarities between generations and their perform ethic.

Is it for instance true that young folks do not show the right get the job done ethic when compared to their parents? What proof exists to suppose that generations X, Y and Z are a bunch of lazy chaotic bodies?

First of all allow us be obvious that human beings are each individual born exceptional from any other and that for that explanation, it is not probable to lump with each other all the people born in a generation and anticipate them to behave the exact same. That method would be lazy and sick advised. That reported on the other hand, a person could possibly be forgiven for illustration by recognising trends among the the generations. An case in point will suffice.

There is a group of guys and women (now in their 70s and 80s) who are legitimate Nairobians in the perception that they have been born and brought up in the town. They have a extremely clear cultural norm which is unique from their brothers and sisters who have deep rural roots. To start with, for the reason that the metropolis was so modest in all those times, they realized each individual other and can convey to who was brought up in which town estate and who went to which college. They know by themselves as they browse this. Some intermarried and a major amount crossed tribal traces.

Quite a few have friends and organization associates across tribal divides and when they fulfill, they go back again to the audio of their working day. Elvis, Cliff Richard and the Beatles arrive to head. This is the correct technology of baby boomers of whom it is stated are characterised by the operate ethic of really hard function and fantastic enjoyable all more than the world.

Their youngsters and to some extent their grandchildren are the resource of your issue. They are different in your watch because they have no time to snooze and expend their time possessing pleasurable and drinking.

In Kenya, people born just after independence are the true customers of technology X. Independence had come with a lot of promises of prosperity for these who labored difficult. Mom and dad and the governing administration placed a great deal pressure and high quality on training and both equally mother and father and their children have been calculated by the level of education and learning achieved.

The middle lessons shed assurance in the really education and learning that had acquired them the positions they held in organization and civil solutions and despatched their little ones to universities overseas sometimes with catastrophic social implications. On their return, the sons and daughters of the newly rich ate the cake of everyday living with the ‘big spoon’ and are now either dead or fighting for the prosperity of their now dead mother and father. Are these the individuals you have in mind?

Era Y globally, are the millennial who in Kenya ended up the Nyayo era children born during the Moi reign, after the 1982 attempted coup at a time of terrific social and political strife. As the globe went digital, political expedience dictated for instance that fax transmission of info be banned in case it introduced ‘bad’ content that may possibly corrupt the morals of Kenyans’ notably politically. This is perhaps the group that issues you most simply because of their mother nature. They are the so known as ‘on off’ technology simply because of their relationship to gizmos.

For them technology is component of their character and devoid of gizmos at house and get the job done, they are not at ease and turn into really agitated. This is believed to have afflicted their potential to type regular interpersonal bonds. They are in some cases labelled as lazy, narcissistic and spoilt. They are also named ‘the me- me –me’ generation and quite possibly this is what you are looking at at the do the job location.

Or are you maybe now observing the Z technology, as a group of interns who are in their early 20s also regarded as Centennials and whose DNA is joined to the internet.

Existence for them is not worth living with out the web and for them rest is not achievable until finally link has been produced on the web. Anything for them is now and any hold off is the source of significantly acrimony. Regrettably, this is the authentic world.