Even if you don’t use computers very often, everyone knows what Facebook and Twitter are. That’s because everyone from David Letterman to your local news stations are all using it to connect to the world and to “get their name out”. While being able to interact online, businesses are even taking advantage of social networking for businesses. This type of instant communication allows them to increase productivity, complete projects faster and to become a more efficient and effective company in the process. With all the new tools available, collaboration and communication between teams and departments becomes a breeze.

Teams members are enabled to work at the same time on all project phases when social sites and collaboration tools are taken advantage of. Whiteboards, presentations, documents and spreadsheets can be accessed by any team member regardless of where they are at. They could be in the office or halfway around the world and as long as they can access the internet, they have the ability to hook in and be effective. This ability means projects are completed faster, the team is more efficient and the entire enterprise runs more smoothly.

Management can take advantage of the social profiling tools available to streamline team selection. When a new project comes up, taking a look at the skills of each employee becomes a snap instead of having to know each individual employee personally. This makes picking the right talents to have the optimal team easy and effective. Social profiles gives a complete picture of who each person is, ensuring the cohesiveness of the team will lead to success.

Being able to see where projects are in the grand scheme of things also enables management to see the “big picture”. Some projects can be slowed, elements of one project can be incorporated into another one, and the overall business position becomes much easier to define by using social networking for business and social sites. Projecting current completion dates is made easier when management has an accurate view of the current state of things. This also allows for more realistic planning for future project timelines.

Social sites, social profiles, social computing and social networking for businesses have changed the way big business operates. If you are ready to grow your business to the next level, you will have to find ways to incorporate social tools into your infrastructure. Your clients will appreciate the increased productivity and your teams will enjoy this improved operational strategy.