November 28, 2022


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How To Choose A Diamond Bracelet?

A diamond bracelet can be a good accessory to enhance a person’s fashion statement or it can also be a good gift for someone you value. Before buying a diamond bracelet checking on the factors to consider in choosing a diamond bracelet should be a must. Diamonds are pricey so being a wise buyer is important. So how to choose a diamond bracelet? Here are some pointers:

How Should A Diamond Bracelet Fit?

Getting the right fit for your diamond bracelet is relevant. You don’t want a loose bracelet and a tight one as well. The common way to check the fitting of a diamond bracelet is by trying it on and slipping two of your fingers. If you can slip it comfortably then it is a perfect fit. You can also measure your wrist and put an allowance on it. If you are giving it out as a gift, getting the measurement of the receiver will make it easier for you to choose the perfect bracelet for them. 

How Many Diamonds Do You Need For A Diamond Bracelet?

There are several factors that can determine how many diamonds should be there in a bracelet and these includes:

The carats of each Diamond 

Each diamond should have uniform carats for tennis bracelets while other settings for bracelets can have different carats. The carats of each diamond will determine the number of diamonds that are present in a bracelet.

The length of the Diamond Bracelet

The measurement of each person’s wrist varies. So if the wrist is bigger this means more diamonds are needed. 

The Setting of the Bracelet

Bracelets just like any other jewelry have different settings. Depending on the setting the bracelet might be needing more diamonds or less. 

How Can I Tell If My Diamond Bracelet Is Real?

There are what they call diamond simulators or “fake diamonds” as they are called. Plus there are also lab diamonds, they are real diamonds but not naturally mined. The only real diamonds are naturally mined diamonds and lab-grown. Commonly people refer to naturally mined diamonds as real ones. To check the authenticity of your diamond bracelet the recommendation of experts is needed. However, there are other ways you can check real diamonds and they are as follows:

Fog Test

This test can be done by putting the bracket near your mouth and fogging it with your breath. If the fog on the diamond disappears quickly, shorter than 4 seconds then the diamond is real. Diamonds are good conductors of heat which means they can subside fog fast.  

Sparkle test 

Simply putting the diamond under a lamp and turning on light sources can make the diamond show a reflection of white light and colorful rays. Another thing to check is the dark areas in the diamond. If it doesn’t produce too much light then it’s probably fake. 

Check its Certification 

All diamonds that are sold should come with a certification. Certifications are given by authentic laboratories that are accredited to evaluate diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America is one of the most popular laboratories that certify diamonds. A diamond certificate can show the properties of the diamond and this is the best way to know if the diamonds in our bracelet are real. 

Can You Wear a Diamond Bracelet Every day?

The frequency of wearing your diamond bracelet would depend on you. However, before buying one you should determine if you want to wear them every or occasionally so you can choose the proper bracelet for you. If you plan to wear your diamond bracelet every day then better choose a setting that is durable and holds the diamonds in place. This way it will be ideal for everyday wear. 

Now that you have an answer to the question of How to choose a diamond bracelet? You can now start shopping for your diamond bracelets. Having knowledge of what to look for in a diamond bracelet will make your shopping easier and you will be able to get the best diamond bracelet. As a buyer, you should do your part and get the details on diamond bracelets so you can get your money’s worth. Diamonds are expensive and precious so do your research as a buyer and choose a reliable diamond store.