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Holiday Networking

The excitement of the holidays can put your networking on the back burner. On the contrary, the holidays can serve as the best time to enhance your networking endeavors. As we continue to navigate our new normals, reconnecting with family, co-workers, colleagues and...

Tips On How To Begin An Electronics Store In India

Tips On How To Begin An Electronics Store In India

This involved the sale of a CD between friends by way of an internet retail web site referred to as NetMarket. Not to be outdone, individual sellers have increasingly engaged in ecommerce transactions by way of their own personal websites haier tv 43 inch. And digital...

10 fast rising tourist locations in Ghana

Share this with a lot more folks!The Volta region is fast starting to be Ghana’s tourism hub apart the Central location. The area has more than 20 tourist points of interest and hospitality areas for leisure. If the area is partitioned into 3 – Southern, Central and...

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