The Dallas Mavericks have not performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” ahead of any residence games this calendar year. That is, counting Monday night’s acquire from the Minnesota Timberwolves, 13 games and counting. No one particular reported something until eventually The Athletic‘s Tim Cato seen and asked about it. The team’s proprietor, Mark Cuban, verified to Cato that they experienced stopped performing so at his ask for.

Simply because of the track in query and the size of time ahead of any individual paid consideration, it reminds me of Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest, which was heading on prolonged before it turned the form of controversy that politicians could hijack for their very own ends, twisting the this means until eventually Kaepernick was ultimately drummed out of the league.

What will materialize to Cuban? Very well, surely not that. He’s a white billionaire, and this is not the initially time—nor, I suspect, the last—that he’s uncovered himself in choppy waters. Beyond that, he’s bought a really good record of supporting the army. I’m positive people today will demonstrate photographs of Cuban and his spouse and children at the Black Lives Make a difference protests from this summer as effort to say something, to tie this to some scarcely linked statement, but the anthem is not now nor has it at any time been about law enforcement.

Ted Cruz is likely already tweeting about it, but that is a good deal a lot easier to withstand than it would be if, say, a sure tangerine-hued authentic estate developer was nevertheless authorized to use Twitter. The people who will make the loudest noise about this aren’t Mavericks lovers in any case, and almost certainly really do not like the NBA possibly. It is a huge offer and it also isn’t.

To place it plainly, Cuban is suitable. They never enjoy the anthem every single early morning in your workplace ahead of do the job. There is no reason to do it at each individual sporting party. At this instant, it divides us a lot more than it unites us. Check out this and listen to the “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

I only wonder if other groups will comply with Cuban and the Mavericks’ direct, now that absolutely everyone is aware and paying out interest. There is a lengthy historical past of participating in the anthem at sporting occasions, but has everyone ever genuinely thought of why it has to be that way? What is the precise position? What do you feel about when the anthem is played? What do you assume you ought to be contemplating about? Simply because it is about you, the enthusiast, not the players.