June 6, 2023


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The Networking Helper

It is true that networking is a two-way street. Going to events, meeting people and exchanging resources and doing business is all an intricate part of successful networking. Savvy individuals can really gain many benefits from opening up their networks, reaching out to people and organizations and being a source of help. In order to really make an impact, this requires being strategic and focusing on the right aspects of development and communication. The next time you attend an event or function, concentrate on these techniques for making your efforts effective and efficient.

Listed below are helpful tips and ways for adding value to your business and social endeavors.

Be Available for Business

After the event is over, and you have collected business cards, the next step is to follow up. Follow up in a timely and professional manner. Make a good connection to build a good relationship on a solid foundation. Offer assistance where needed but do not forget to make yourself available for business. Give your counterpart direct contact information so that you may be reached properly and quickly. Inform your counterpart of the best times or days in which you can be reached. Even offer to meet face to face or through video or online conferencing. Be flexible and adaptable in your business or social dealings. Continue to follow up quickly and professionally with your counterparts.

Identify the Need

Many times, individuals offer help but do not necessarily have the opportunity or the chance to be of assistance. It almost becomes a blanket statement or a networking cliché. In order to create a stronger brand and make a better impact, take it upon yourself to find specific ways of assisting your counterpart. Offer to meet and discuss particular ways of building their business or career or social endeavors. Be proactive in establishing connections, offering referrals and making introductions. Offer to invite your counterpart to additional networking events and merging networks. Show a genuine interest in seeing them reach their goals and be successful.

Remain Consistent

Successful networkers know the power of consistency. They are well aware that networking is a lifestyle and have set long term goals in their objectives. Continue to work diligently in your networking methods and create a workable process for connecting and exchanging as well as assisting your counterparts. Focusing on being consistent makes it easier to help more individuals and organizations. Generally, these types of actions build your credibility, strengthen your brand and sharpen your professionalism.