The New Offer for Humanity
Is Not Eco-friendly, But Human!

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Feb. 3—Literally before the eyes of the entire world public, the best villainy towards the typical excellent is presently underway, which will make the rich even richer and the weak even poorer, and which will have catastrophic consequences: hunger riots and absolute social chaos in the industrialized nations, genocide in opposition to the so-known as creating countries, and in the view of the financial oligarchy, a third entire world war of the NATO states in opposition to Russia and China will shortly develop into virtually inescapable. All of these disastrous developments will be the consequence, if all investments are steered into “green” branches of business, and a full section-out of financial investment ensues by way of the central banking institutions, not only from nuclear power, but also from fossil fuels, as in the “Green Deal” of the European Union (EU) or the “Green New Deal” of the Biden administration.

What ought to be clear to each medium-sized firm in the effective economy, is amazingly only slowly coming into the public discussion: The transformation of the economy—also promoted as the “Great Reset” by Prince Charles and Klaus Schwab of the Environment Economic Forum—would mean substantial de-industrialization and a massive sacrifice of the population’s prosperity. Eric Heymann, a senior economist at Deutsche Lender Research, in a mid-January posting, criticized the “dishonest debate” through which the EU wanted to impose its Environmentally friendly Deal on the population, which “would not be feasible devoid of a sizeable part of eco-dictatorship”—and even that is the understatement of the calendar year!

If, as the architects of the Green Offer want, all industrial organizations are subject matter to “taxonomy,” i.e., their so-identified as CO2 footprint will be recorded, a classification method for “ecologically sustainable” economic activities will be enforced, and all private functions will also be matter to the dictates of meant local climate protection—then this will only be feasible with a dictatorship and thoughts manage that will make the Inquisition appear like a picnic.

If this green utopia were being at any time to develop into a reality—and it can not, since it will lead to chaos beforehand, as we shall see in a moment—the really inflated prices would identify exactly the dimensions of the house or condominium in which everyone can reside, to what temperature it can be heated, which electrical gadgets are continue to permitted, how significantly you can vacation with which suggests of transportation, how typically you can try to eat meat or whether you can consume unique fruits at all. And of program, each and every euro and each dollar used on “climate protection” is a single that is missing for investments in schooling, well being programs, investigation, infrastructure, modern communications, internal and external protection, pensions and leisure routines.

Mass Wasted Creation, Mass Loss of life

The federal states and municipalities in which fossil fuels ended up previously extracted or processed in “brown” industrial crops, would have substantial losses in tax revenues and employment would vanish. At the identical time, several extra landscapes would be spoiled by armies of wind turbines, seas of solar panels, and endless transmission strains, which would not only carve up mother nature and ruin the habitat for wild animals and eliminate thousands and thousands of birds, but would also by no signifies be secure from terrorist attacks. It would call for tens of millions of onshore and thousands of offshore wind turbines, millions of charging stations and automobile battery modules, billions of backup energy storage modules, which would have to have huge amounts of concrete, metal, copper, plastic, exceptional earths and other resources. And that, in flip, would need tremendous expansion of mining and quarrying in all these places, which even the Greens them selves would not like.

The main challenge, nonetheless, would be that this environmentally friendly transformation would absorb supplies, industrial capacities and manpower, all of which eventually represent whole squander, and would tie up the capacities that are urgently expected for the prolonged-term economic survival of society. With the exit from nuclear electricity and fossil fuels, power creation would be thrown again to a stage that existed before the industrial revolution, with solar and wind electricity (or hydrogen, which is obtained from present day power-dense resources).

At the core of the financial and scientific technique that Lyndon LaRouche designed, is his recognition—and he scientifically recognized it—that there is an integral romantic relationship in between the strength-flux density utilised in the creation course of action, and the relative possible population-density designed doable by it. The variety of individuals who could reside on Earth through the hunter-gatherer period of time, when only wind and sun were obtainable for the propagation of rabbits and berries in the “production process” at that time, was someplace in the array of a couple of million. Even with the mastery of energy and a handful of other technological improvements, wind and solar remain energy sources with significantly the exact same electrical power-flux density as they did in excess of 10,000 yrs in the past.

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, CBE, founder of the Potsdam Institute for Weather Influence Exploration, claims the “carrying capacity” of the Earth is at most effective only just one billion people. Now, we are 7.8 billion.

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Commander of the Purchase of the British Empire (CBE), founder of the Potsdam Institute for Local weather Effect Study, who has lengthy propagated the “Great Transformation and Decarbonization of the World Economic system,” associates that electricity-flux density with a “carrying capacity” of the Earth of at greatest 1 billion people. These days practically 8 billion men and women stay on Earth, and in accordance to estimates by the UN, about 2.5 billion people today will dwell in Africa alone in 2050, that is, significantly much more than Schellnhuber thinks is superior for the entire globe.

The definitely horrific effect of the transformation of an economic system into one in which only eco-friendly technologies are applied, is composed not just in the financial waste alone. Even far more critically, the vitality-flux density which would then be employed in the economies of the Western states would indicate not only the finish of these states as industrialized nations, but also the destruction of the industrial capacities vital to defeat the underdevelopment of the so-called creating nations.

In perspective of the by now rampant COVID-19 pandemic in the countries of the World wide South, the mutations that have by now occurred and will undoubtedly continue on to happen in the upcoming, as very well as the famine of “biblical dimensions” as David Beasley of the United Nations’ World Food items Application put it, there is a danger of mass death on an unparalleled scale. The Malthusian economical oligarchy which, because the publication of the unscientific propaganda of the Club of Rome (on the alleged limitations to expansion), has declared the purported overpopulation of the Earth to be the key danger, then only demands to enable the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse—war, hunger, condition and death—run absolutely free to provide the populace down to the desired degree.

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Toronto throughout the 2003 Northeast blackout.

‘A Lengthy-Time period Ability Failure’

But as by now talked about at the commencing, the green utopia will hardly ever turn out to be fact in its propagated kind anyway, for the reason that one particular cannot get out of nuclear strength and fossil fuels in somewhat hugely industrialized nations like individuals of the trans-Atlantic sector with no provoking blackouts and a crash into chaos. The pan-European electrical power network came dangerously shut again on January 8 of this calendar year, when, triggered by a failure in Romania, a close to blackout happened that could only be bridged by additional electricity supplies from other nations around the world to stabilize the community.

In accordance to authorities of the Austrian electric power supplier EVN, it was the 2nd most major key disruption in the European community to date, in which the 3rd of 4 warning ranges was reached and sensitive equipment had by now reacted to the reduction in electrical frequency. A lot of power plants had to offer extra energy, pumped-storage hydroelectric plants and the nonetheless-current fuel energy vegetation had to be mobilized, so that the protection web could be saved from blackout in a kind of fireplace brigade operation. But it was a near connect with.

The present program of the money oligarchy, to force through the decarbonization of the economy by all implies, can only be described as a breakneck coverage of the greatest possibility, in which the prospect of making a killing in speculation on the planned $30 trillion that will be spent on the Terrific Reset has swept away any worries for the popular excellent of culture. But this policy is everyday living-threatening for a quite big variety of people today. It is superior time to offer urgently with the matter that the Business for Know-how Evaluation at the German Bundestag (TAB) regarded in a 2011 review, entitled “Endangerment and Vulnerability of Modern-day Societies—Using the Case in point of a Huge-Scale and Prolonged-Term Electrical power Failure.”

Because of to the serious complexity of a modern, superior-tech society centered on the division of labor—in which several essential infrastructures, these kinds of as details technological know-how, telecommunications, transport and website traffic, energy offer and health care are intertwined—these societies are very susceptible, as recurring terrorist assaults, organic disasters and significantly critical incidents have designed clear. All of these programs rely on a source of electric power, and a extended and prevalent power failure would have devastating penalties. The studies arrive to the summary that a collapse of the total society could hardly be prevented.

The speedy implications would consist of: the failure, promptly or right after a number of days at the most up-to-date, of telecommunication and information solutions, landline telephones, nearby exchanges, cellular networks, crisis ability offer, general public broadcasters (and thus interaction between authorities, the populace and companies utilizing telephones), and the Online. Transport and site visitors by highway, rail, air and drinking water would cease instantly or after a couple hrs, and targeted traffic would be chaotic promptly right after the electricity failure. Crossings, tunnels, and barrier units would be blocked, lengthy targeted visitors jams would crop up, a lot of accidents would happen, rescue expert services and treatment for the hurt would sometimes grow to be impossible, individuals would be trapped in subways, trains and elevators.

Gas for motor vehicles would turn out to be scarce and the supply of food and medical materials to the population would be interrupted. There would be a important collapse in professional medical and pharmaceutical care for men and women, which would be seriously restricted soon after just 24 several hours. Perishable medications these types of as insulin, blood reserves and dialysis fluids would rarely be readily available. Crisis companies could no longer be reached by unexpected emergency contact. Significant injury to health and fitness or the dying of quite a few people can be anticipated in the to start with week.

As a final result, community order will commence to collapse, aspect of the populace will clearly show terrific helpfulness, but an additional portion will be more ruthless, much more aggressive and a lot more violent. Apathetic or stress-like behavior will occur. According to the TAB report:

The Environmentally friendly New Deal implies breakdown chaos for lots of basic principles of modern-day modern society that count on supplies of ample, uninterrupted ability, offered now only from fossil fuels and nuclear electrical power. Some illustrations are revealed below: elevators in significant rise flats, city transit, hospital surgical procedure, agricultural irrigation and fertilizer units, and industrial procedures.

Definitely, these “responsible persons” have in the previous many years shown an tremendous capacity to do specifically the reverse, and to pretty much totally suppress any awareness of the huge challenges of their insurance policies. This is so with regard to the implications, for instance, of the nuclear phase-out and the now prepared phase-out of fossil fuels industries in nations around the world like Germany, and before long the EU and the United States, as effectively as with regard to the neoliberal dwelling on the edge for earnings maximization. When President Richard Nixon destroyed the Bretton Woods process in 1971 by breaking the set trade costs and uncoupling the greenback from a gold peg, it was Lyndon LaRouche who farsightedly published the forecast that a continuation of these monetarist guidelines would necessarily direct to a new despair, a new fascism, and the hazard of a new entire world war, or—on the contrary—a flip to a new, just earth economic get.

LaRouche thereafter diligently analyzed just about every added stage in the route of even more deregulation of the money marketplaces in favor of speculation and pointed out its effects.

Now we have attained the conclude of the highway: At the rear of the endeavor to impose the Eco-friendly New Deal on the earth is the determined endeavor of the monetary oligarchy of the Metropolis of London, Wall Road and Silicon Valley to hook the hopelessly bankrupt money procedure up to life assist at the time much more, by injecting an massive sum of $30 trillion, and thus to experience one previous gigantic profit for the speculators of this earth. Immediately after us the deluge! There are “super investors” like Jeremy Grantham of the Boston asset management organization, Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co., who, in his analyses, is persuaded that human habits is the similar as that of rats:

How undesirable will it get? Like the crash of 1929, says Grantham.

Yet another implication for the self-destruction of the West by the Environmentally friendly New Offer is the just about 100{540ccc4681f92a8237c705b0cdebbb9da373ec200da159e6cc1fd9f393be00be} probability that its implementation would direct to Earth War III and the extinction of humanity. If the West dismantles itself economically by way of environmentally friendly guidelines, even though China and all of Asia rise unstoppably, there is a expanding chance that this will guide to a nuclear showdown, as, specified the latest NATO policies and the several U.S. safety doctrines, it can not be assumed that NATO would dissolve in a peaceful way comparable to that of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Admiral Charles Richard, Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command is just one of several armed forces gentlemen who has just expressed the belief in the monthly journal Proceedings printed by the U.S. Naval Institute, that a nuclear war with Russia or China is far more likely and that the United States must thus modernize its nuclear arsenal—which is by now in comprehensive swing.

Pick Durable Human Survival As a substitute

Even if many establishments feel to have determined on the system outlined below, it is not far too late to choose the substitute. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how really vulnerable we definitely are as a human species, and that realistically we only have just one chance to make certain our lengthy-phrase survival—by coming with each other in a new paradigm of cooperation between all nations of this globe to devote ourselves to the authentic frequent duties of humanity.

The crucial to conquering the disaster lies in an impression of person that does not see mankind as a parasite on nature, whose routines pollute and damage bad Mom Earth, so that it would be great to minimize the amount of individuals as a great deal as doable (just not so significantly as to leave the oligarchy without having more than enough service personnel!). Male is simply not a manipulable, sensory currently being that can be held underneath command by the fashionable variety of bread and circuses and degradation by the entertainment marketplace.

Mankind is the only species whose artistic explanation conforms to the guidelines of the universe, and is even a produced integral section thereof. It is exactly this skill that allows humanity time and once more to find out new revolutionary hypotheses about the bodily guidelines of the universe, which are then made use of in the creation method to define absolutely new platforms of the human standard of residing, everyday living expectancy, knowing of the local climate modify that has been having location for thousands and thousands of decades, and further more perspective for generating the prerequisites for upcoming interstellar area flight by way of the colonization of nearer space.

That is the place, at very last, we will have an understanding of what weather improve is all about, how the cyclical movements of our galaxy influence the so-named local climate. In purchase to solve the challenge, nevertheless, we do not will need solar panels or wind turbines, but alternatively the use of nuclear fusion as a driving pressure for the manned missions to Mars and over and above. Guy is the currently being that can fantastic himself intellectually and morally devoid of restrict, mainly because that corresponds to the rules of the universe of which humanity is the created section.

We will need to reset the reset, and we want a good redefinition of man’s mission in the universe.