2021 Digital Marketing Trends: Top Recommendations | Cardinal

Uncommon growth requires a fresh look at how you do marketing.  What are the most recent trends in digital marketing that will save your business in 2021?  Discover what will help your business not only survive but thrive in this age of innovation.

There is an unprecedented uncertainty in marketing as search engines update and unleash new algorithms.  It is time to closely scrutinize marketing goals, performance metrics, and key performance indicators.

Can digital marketing save your business?  If you find a way to be flexible and grind it out in the face of adversity to position and reposition your brand to stick around, digital marketing can save your business.

What are the Top Trends in Digital Marketing for 2021?

We can be optimistic about the future of digital marketing.  While there are current new trends in technology, there are principles of marketing that are not new.  These principles build up strategies that have evolved in notable ways.  What are the latest trends that will keep you ahead of the game?

  1. Invest in inbound marketing

The race is on in 2021 to create brand awareness and build trust digitally through refocusing strategy to drive customers to seek out your content.  Find ways to be able to produce quality, valuable content tailored towards the needs of your target audience.

  1.  Place the Customer in the Center

Serve your customers well and equip them to become advocates and promoters of your brand.  This trend uses excellent service as its own marketing strategy to empower customers.   Put emphasis on customer service and excellent handling of requests and issues.

  1.  Video Marketing that is Shareable

Videos can be a valuable addition to both sales and customer service efforts.  With the latest advancements in technology, you can simply use editing software and a smartphone to create quality videos.

  1.  Use Native Advertising

Blend in and promote your brand to a new audience by promoting your feature content on a third-party website.  Make use of social media, content recommendation platforms, and campaigns.

  1. Strengthen Diversity and Inclusion

Include more diversity and inclusion initiatives in your marketing strategies, especially on social media platforms.  This will change and eventually break down barriers as you change with the times and become transparent with this initiative.

  1.  Leverage Fleeting and Long-Lasting Social Media Content

 Different types of content perform across different social media platforms.  Showcase more of your brand’s personality and flair by combining both fleeting and long-lasting content on social media.

  1.  Influencer Marketing

Modern marketing uses influencer marketing and it isn’t limited to major celebrities and popular people.  Micro-influencers have also found their niche in the social media world.  They play a major role in converting leads, connecting with audience members, and boosting brand awareness.  They also drive social buzz which can be a much more cost-effective solution for your marketing.

  1.  Repurposing Content Across Channels

Create high-quality up-to-date content that is more accessible on different platforms.  You do not necessarily need to create new content.  You can simply optimize old content for the present needs of your target audience.  Keep your content updated and engaging, with better keyword relevancy.

  1.  Implement Voice Search Tactics

Optimize your content by framing it around questions so it can be an answer to a user’s inquiry about your products and/or services.  Your users will then get the answers that they need right away with high-quality and accurate responses.

  1.  Mobile-Friendly Website

Customers using mobile research have skyrocketed, especially for queries and research.  Advancements in mobile phones make it possible to access answers to questions.  Make sure that your website is discoverable and readable on mobile devices.  Optimize your site to be responsive even on mobile phones. 

Recent Innovative Trends in Digital Marketing

Ignite the growth of your business by implementing the recent innovative trends in digital marketing that will save your business.  These strategies will help you attract and convert more leads as they help you create value and adapt to shifting consumer behaviors.  If you want to know more about how you can implement these trends in your marketing goals, visit InfintechDesigns.com.