December 9, 2022


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Travel Nurse Salary In Mississippi

Travel nursing jobs in Mississippi are open to everyone who wants to see the beauty of it as well as expand their career. The question would be how much do travel nurses make in Mississippi? A travel nurse’s salary in Mississippi may vary according to several factors. Let’s check on the Q&As to know more about it. 

How Much Does A Travel Nurse Make In Mississippi?

The average salary a travel nurse can have in a year is $82,998, which is approximately $39.90 per hour approximately. Pay for travel nurses is higher than regular career nurses.  The good thing about travel nurse pay is that they get more if they have the following:


The more experienced, the higher the chances of being offered a higher hourly rate. Travel nurses are required to have at least 1 or 2 years of experience. Since onboarding is fast, nurses with experience can be able to do their duties immediately without training anymore. 


Nurses who have specialization can receive higher pay because they are the ones who are in demand, and they have more duties to perform. Their skills and expertise are needed during the pandemic season and even before. 

What Are Top 5 Best Paying Related Travel Nurse Jobs In Mississippi?

They are the ones with the following specialization:

ICU Travel Nurse 

Nurses assigned to these intensive care units require skills in how to handle patients who have critical conditions. They have to be good at carrying out our procedure to make sure to make their patient’s condition stable. The pandemic that hit the world is putting more people in critical condition and needs intensive care to recover. That’s why ICU nurses are most needed. Due to this demand, they are offered higher rates. 

Operating Travel Nurse 

Operating travel nurses are responsible for assisting patients throughout the operation procedure from preoperative, intraoperative, and post-operative. They have to be skilled enough to handle operative procedures and even help patients during their recovery. 

Emergency Travel  

Emergency care is always busy and requires nurses who are skilled enough to administer immediate care procedures to the patient. Especially during these pandemic seasons, emergency nurses are needed since more and more patients are flocking to the emergency department.  

Other ICU Travel Nursing Jobs

ICU covers a lot of departments, such as cardio, surgical, neuro, and medical. With all these ICU areas where ICU nurses are needed, the demand is getting higher as well as their rate. 

Oncology Travel Nurse

An oncology nurse can earn as much as 15% more than the regular rate of travel nurses. Knowing how to take care of patients with cancer is a must for an oncology travel nurse. They should be able to be familiar with the routines and procedures needed to be done to check on cancer patients. Since they have to give special care to their patients, their salaries are higher than ordinary travel nurses. 

What Are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities For Travel Nurse Jobs In Mississippi?

Each city has different rates when it comes to paying for travel nurses. Jackson ranks first when it comes to the top 10 highest-paying cities in Mississippi. Grenada, Southaven, Pascagoula, Indianola, Olive Branch, Oxford, Meridian, Biloxi, and Hattiesburg follow. $104,770 is the highest annual salary a travel nurse can get in Jackson, Mississippi, and $81,229 for Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 

How Much Does A Travel Nurse Really Make?

To get the exact salary of a travel nurse, all the factors should be considered. As a travel nurse, it would be wise to discuss with your travel nurse agency your pay, so you will be able to decide if it is indeed worth it to work in Mississippi as a travel nurse. Pay should be transparently discussed avoiding issues in the future. 

Knowing the factors that affect travel nurse salary in Mississippi is relevant for nurses who want to take their fate in working as a travel nurse in Mississippi. If you think the pay offered to you as a travel nurse is good enough, then grab that opportunity and explore the world while doing your career at the same time.