Aiming for the best cut… Gary Sweeney of Ascots & Chapels insists that some businesses are better off being tradition bound.
Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: COVID-19 wasn’t all about its impact on businesses and sectors.

The pandemic months created opportunities for UAE businesses that went online to sell groceries and everyday needs. It boosted prospects for ‘cloud kitchen’ operators as more residents and restaurants started using them for their servings. There were those industrial units that immediately pivoted towards making face masks, sanitizers and all sorts of anti-COVID-19 requirements.

But what about small or midsized businesses in the UAE that do not fall into any of these categories? How did those startups that launched just ahead of the pandemic fare? Was the Year of COVID-19 only about ensuring the survival of the business and keeping costs down to a minimum?

‘Gulf News’ spoke to a random selection of business owners to get their feel of how’s it like to get through a COVID-19 impact.