June 6, 2023


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What Was All That Media Monitoring Talk About?

The 3rd installment of HBO Max’s hit sequence “Succession” was a person of the most highly expected seasons of tv in 2021. For those people who really don’t enjoy, Succession follows the dysfunctional Roy loved ones, whose patriarch, Logan Roy, owns and operates the biggest media and leisure business in the globe.

The 2nd season finished in thrilling trend, with Kendall Roy, Logan’s son, double-crossing his father in a shocking push convention wherever he was intended to choose the tumble for a corporation scandal, but rather implicated his father in the scandal and a host of deal with-ups and unlawful activity.

But, this is a web site about PR, communications and media relations, so plenty of about the plot summary. As an alternative, let us converse about how Season 3 began with Kendall Roy centered on obtaining his media monitoring equipment and system in position as he receives all set to acquire on his father and snatch his media empire absent.

As Kendall leaves the press convention, he asks his bumbling cousin Greg to get started monitoring the media and basic public for reaction to his statement about his father. Greg, who never quite understands what is likely on in any condition, agrees to assist devoid of comprehending what precisely is concerned he is primarily hoping to manually retain observe of the response to Kendall’s push convention across all of the world wide web and social media until finally a additional official alternative is available.

Obviously, this strategy fails, and it fails in hilarious manner (at a person point, Greg responds to Kendall by stating that his primary takeaway from the media coverage is that “the world-wide-web is big”). He is left seeking to create down personal tweets, which is both equally humorous and pathetic. But placing the humor of the problem aside, this episode helps make a salient position about the value of a real-time media checking platform, primarily for the duration of a huge news occasion or disaster. Attempting to monitor all the related media and community sentiment for a brand name is not possible, as Greg shown.

But even a answer like Google Alerts, or a platform that does not supply access to all media varieties, is not enough in the most significant times for a manufacturer. Somewhat, an all-in-one Earned Media Suite that gives tracking and sentiment examination for Tv set, radio, online news, social media and podcasts is what Kendall Roy – and all organizations and brands worried with their media protection – needed as he geared up to acquire on his father.

Succession is one of the most critically-acclaimed and well-liked reveals on Tv nowadays, but since of the media and PR aim of the clearly show, there are classes to be realized for any one in communications, PR or media. In the time 3 premiere, the lesson was crystal clear – really don’t get caught like Kendall Roy did, with no a in depth media checking resource in position.